Blended Finance in Clean Energy: Experiences and Opportunities

The Blended Finance Taskforce and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) released in January 2018 a paper about blended finance for clean energy, looking at opportunities where blended finance can mobilise large scale private capital for clean energy. 

A rich foundation of experience in blended finance already exists in the clean energy sector, where public, philanthropic, and private sector organisations have been innovating for many years. CPI’s working paper synthesises this vast knowledge and proposes a path forward. It evaluates, by geography and clean energy sub-sector, the most significant opportunities for impact on both climate change and energy access per dollar invested; the risks and barriers that prevent investment; and how blended finance could be deployed to address investor needs. CPI finds that the greatest opportunities for blended finance in clean energy are in Sub-Saharan Africa and South and East Asia, with a subset of eight countries alone offering more than $360 billion in investment potential in clean energy by 2030.